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Access. Just a click from Docklands, Spiralfrogs fast dedicated servers across multiple strategic locations ensures rapid response to client queries.  360 Gig high speed SATA drives house the keyword and AI bot databases on dual core technology. With direct backbones to high speed lines, uptime is 99.9%  and no bottle necks.

Our Motto
We take pride in our service and constantly developing new innovations to not just improve that which exists, but to leap ahead in the way information is interrogated, accessed and utilised on the Internet.

    Location. In the beautiful and world famous Kew Gardens area, our offices and minds enjoy a green outlook on life since starting SpiralFrog in 2002. As locations go its fantastic. Fibre optics to the Docklands with T1's to the world, birds twittering and coffee on permanent tap.

The Internet is a fascinating place that's only just scratched the surface in shaping our tomorrows.  Now multiply that with the fact that the Internet itself is only a new born baby that is evolving at tremendous growth and you start to see the depth and size of the permutations involved.

All at SpiralFrogs hope you enjoy our service and we look forward to serving your needs into the future.

Spiral Team